Diesel_particulate_filter_01-resizedDiesel particulate filters (DPF) physically capture diesel particulates to prevent their release to the atmosphere. With increasingly more stringent global emission standard, DPFs have been an integral part of diesel engine emission control system. They are used for a wide range of on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment.

Mallentech technical experts have an average 18 years of working experience on diesel emission control, particularly on DPF development, and hold 5 patents on DPF design, DPF system integration, and engine aftertreatment control. Prior to joining Mallentech, our technical experts worked at leading OEMs and tier 1 suppliers that specialized on emission control.

Mallentech develops a range of DPFs that combine advanced catalyst coating technology and robust canning design, including both passive filters and DPFs with active regeneration. For light duty diesel vehicles, Mallentech offers a range of direct fit replacement DPFs for factory-installed OEM filters. Mallentech also works on customized DPF system for heavy duty vehicle diesel applications and off-road diesel products.