Nox Sensor

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Mallentech NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) Sensors are designed for OEM performance and durability.  They are built with advanced materials to provide outstanding performance and longevity after installed in diesel cars and trucks.  Mallentech NOx sensors work perfectly with diesel engine control unit and vehicle OBD diagnostic system with optimized system cost. Mallentech NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) Sensors are direct replacements for the OEM parts, and exactly fit diesel cars or trucks.

Malletech NOx sensors are developed in Troy, Michigan.  Advanced manufacturing process and rigorous quality control measure are implemented to ensure all NOx sensors meet the highest standard in the industry.


Robust Design

Mallentech NOx sensors are designed and optimized to achieve OEM equivalent emission and durability requirements.  They have undergone extensive testing and validation to ensure proper performance and peak reliability.

Advanced Materials

Mallentech NOx sensing elements are made with multi-layered advanced ceramic materials sintered at 1500℃.  The control unit is sealed inside the high strength aluminum housing with antileak, heat resistance gel.  Heat sleeve outside the wires will protect the sensor against warping and cracking.

Exact Fit

Mallentech NOx sensors fit the diesel cars or trucks just like original OEM parts.  They can be installed quickly and easily to get the cars or trucks back on the road.

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Mallentech Advantages

  • Cost-Effective OEM Replacement

Mallentech NOx sensors are a cost-effective alternative to OEM sensors for a wide variety of diesel powered passenger and commercial vehicles.

  • Mallentech Backed Quality

Mallentech stands behind its NOx sensors with a leading warranty in the industry.  Consult with your distributor for the detailed warranty information and limitation.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

Mallentech has built its reputation on customer service and satisfaction.  Feel free to contact us any time on technical, sales, or installation questions.