Switching Oxygen Sensor

MEI Oxygen SensorMallentech Switching Oxygen Sensors provide stoichiometric measurement of exhaust gases for gasoline and alternative fuel engine applications. The switching oxygen sensors are designed with state-of-the-art planner sensing element technology. The sensors have been proved out by rigorous validation programs, including component, sub-system, and sensor level testing.

Mallentech switching oxygen sensors can meet stringent OEMs specification. They can be used in the engine-out position and in a post-converter location for more accurate engine control and for better exhaust system diagnostics.

Mallentech’s Switching Oxygen Sensors offer cost and performance advantages, including fast light-off time and a low-wattage heater. The faster light-off time will help achieve lower cold-start emissions. Mallentech’s switching oxygen sensor’s superior poison-resistant coatings, waterproofing, and a high-temperature internal seal to provide robust reliability as compared with other switching sensors.
• Fast light-off time that helps reduce cold-start emissions and helps eliminate the need for other emissions devices;
• low-wattage heater that helps reduce system costs;
• low power consumption that reduces the current draw from vehicle’s power supply;
• High temperature resistance that provides OEMs with much needed flexibility of sensor installation location;
• A wide range of working temperatures that allows consistent operation and easier engine calibration;
• Superior poison-resistant coating that helps improve sensor durability;
• Patented element design;
• Advanced packaging design that can meet stringent OEM requirements.

Mallentech’s Switching Oxygen Sensors can be used for passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle gasoline and alternative fuel applications to help vehicle OEMs meet current and future emissions regulations. They can also be used for motorcycles and other small engine applications.