Benchmark and Comparison Testing

TestingBenchmark and comparison testing at Mallentech will help our clients to assess how their products perform against their competitions in such areas as functionality, durability, quality, etc.  Our clients have been using test results by Mallentech to grow their business, particularly:

  • Promote their automotive parts and subsystems to new OEM and aftermarket customers;
  • Redesign their products to meet their customers’ requirements;
  • Make an inform decision on product pricing;
  • Develop marketing strategies, especially shaping claims on their products’ marketable attributes.

Feedback from our clients indicated that benchmark and comparison testing at Mallentech have made it much easier to educate their OEM and aftermarket customers about the superiority of their products.

Mallentech will work with our clients to create a testing program for their automotive components or subsystems, including but not limited to:

  • Gas and diesel engine components or subsystems;
  • Exhaust and Aftertreatment parts or subsystems;
  • Engine cooling and HVAC parts;
  • Emission control/air management parts;
  • Fuel delivery parts or subsystems;
  • Steering and suspension parts;
  • Transmission parts.