As a high technology company, Mallentech spends much bigger percent of its budget on research and development than its peers. Research and development enables Mallentech to maintain its technical advantages.
Mallentech holds patents in such areas as exhaust gas sensor element structure, ceramic materials, exhaust element heater design, exhaust sensor packaging, and testing systems.

Mallentech Group has developed advanced gas sensing technologies for engine exhaust gas sensors, incorporating multi-layer, multi-material sensing element design. These sensors are designed using advanced ceramic materials, with optimized element circuits and heater design to enhance their accuracy and reliability. The manufacturing processes used for these sensors include ceramic material ball milling, tape casting, screen printing, lamination, sintering, and coating, all of which ensure high-quality products. Additionally, Mallentech Group employs advanced quality control processes to ensure the reliability and precision of their exhaust gas sensors.

The Mallentech sensor controller uses a specially developed integrated circuit chip to process the extremely small currents produced by the sensor. With its rich OEM design experience, Mallentech Group developed sensor control logic and vehicle control protocol meets all OEM requirements. This technology ensures Mallentech’s exhaust gas sensors fits all vehicles perfectly.