Emission Control System Development

Mallentech’s technical experts are experienced in diesel engine emission and aftertreatment systems.  Prior to joining Mallentech, they all worked at vehicle OEMs and Engine OEMs in North America for at least 15 years, and developed emission control systems that meet US EPA 2007, US EPA 2010, Euro 6, and US EPA off road Tier 4 emission requirements.  Leveraging their experiences, Mallentech provides consulting services in: Diesel engine control and aftertreatment system designs Test spec...

Thermal Analysis and CFD

Mallentech provides thermal analysis and CFD analysis for vehicle thermal management and component design, such as HVAC system, radiators, condensers, and coolers. Mallentech developed IHEM design tool for heat exchanger’s design, evaluation, and selection. IHEM can be used to analyze heat exchanger’s performance, select the most cost and performance effective components to meet OEM’s specifications, and conduct design analysis of new models.