Exhaust Gas Sensors

MEI Oxygen SensorMallentech develops, manufactures, and markets advanced engine exhaust gas sensors for engine management and emission control.

Mallentech has diverse expertise in all areas of exhaust gas sensor development – advanced ceramic material and processing, thick-film ceramics, electrochemical sensing technology, high temperature seal materials, electrode material and treatment, electronics and control for advanced sensors, waterproof packaging, ceramics’ high temperature co-firing, etc.

Mallentech holds patents in such areas as sensing element design, ceramic materials, element heater design, sensor packaging, and testing systems.

All Mallentech exhaust gas sensors were developed with rigorous validation program, and manufactured with strict quality control process. Mallentech product validation program includes extensive component level testing, sub-system level testing, and finally sensor design verification (DV) testing. When manufactured, Mallentech sensors undergo extensive on-line and end-of-line testing.

Mallentech is familiar with all leading global OEMs requirements. Mallentech exhaust gas sensor can meet the stringent OEM specifications.